Mad Hominem is me — Jon von Kampen. Besides enjoying puns, I’m an unrepentant geek of a university junior living in the midwestern United States.  To illustrate the kinds of material you’ll find in Mad Hominem, I’m president of Queers & Allies, the LGBTQA social club at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and am also involved to varying degrees with Secular Student Alliance, the Women’s Resource Center, and the UNOtaku anime club. It shouldn’t be too boring.

Writing’s always been my way of thinking things through, and lately I’ve been trying to move beyond just talking to myself. People look at you funny for doing that, after all, and I think there’s room for one more odd perspective in the din of the blogosphere. We’ll see how it goes.

Why “Mad Hominem”?

An ad hominem (“to the man”) argument is probably the classic logical fallacy, in which one tries to dispute the validity of a claim by attacking some characteristic of the person presenting the claim. When the only offensive move you can think of is an ad hominem, you probably know you’re up against the wall, and you’re probably not in a good mood for it. It’s been my experience that the typical ad hominem comes from a pretty mad hominem. (Is that even proper Latin?)

If you don’t think Mad Hominem is a funny blog name, clearly you don’t watch enough television news. That and you’re too uncultured to appreciate such subtlety. (Think about it…)

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