Omaha Atheists adopt a highway

Friendly Atheist tells us that — why didn’t I know this? — Omaha Atheists has adopted a highway, like so many other atheist groups.

Just think of how often we “godless liberals” — as if the two must go hand in hand — are accused of being coldhearted Scrooges. I’m reminded of a recent episode of The Atheist Experience (I can’t remember which) in which one of the hosts noted that charity isn’t institutionalized in the atheist community. There’s no Atheist Church (except for this one), and as such, we aren’t constantly getting messages from above regarding charity, tithing, and — oh yeah — massive, unjustifiable capital campaigns like a $115 million megachurch and basically every cathedral ever.

There’s nothing holding atheists back, though. Even though organizing atheists must be like herding cats, there’s promising news like the apparent highway-cleaning fad, and the growth of the Foundation Beyond Belief, which collects for secular or non-proselytizing religious groups (and you can choose if your money goes to religious groups at all). Oh, and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are atheist billionaire philanthropists. Hmmmmmmm.

I think our current reputation will be short-lived.

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    • Ju
    • December 6th, 2010


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